Hands lie free

Awaken thoughts seize

My mood dispatch

What shall I do?
You are my hearty love

Soul of  mine alive

Long live my dear

Deeply l stare 
Hands of moonlight

Tells me thy heart

You in my dreams 

Shines like a sun
Secrets of our hearts 

Be in heart delights



        Rose is often seen as a symbol of love. Love is pure and divine. Feel it then you will know.

Lovely roses now                                                     smells sweet alike                                                   heart finds now                                                      blowing feel alive                                                 

Garden’s beauty bed                                                     Flower paradise                                                          fills me in joy                                                              happy moments rise                                                  

Misty mountains  shout                                             you are my heart                                                       best loved hearts                                                        fills me surprise 

Come on my love                                                           Live long my love     


Dreamy Eve @ Seashore 

Alone in seashore feels lonely for a true lover. Without her he can’t live a moment. He think of her in seashore. This a poem from my poem collection Seashore Love. Dedication to all lovers.

Be cold delight                                                         dream for tonight                                                    come my dear                                                           pleasure seeks wear                 

Beauty fades you day                                            twinkles makes me cry                                          your absence is cause                                                thy reason is disguise      

Come hold my hand                                                      times hand in hand                                                      go around now                                                               mery around bow                    

Be happy  you                                                   princess in you                                                               smiles for me now………


Lovely Night

Dreams flows in night                                                   love speaks delight                                                      Mind blows pride                                                       for being happy now

Stars shine in eyes                                         moonlight  tell the tales                                                  Dear mind never lie                                                    the beauty of the night     

Cool wind touches heart                                         sleeping minds tilt                                                    Many stories untold to say                                     open my hearts the wind

Be the lovely night                                                          happy be delight                                        


Movies brought Change

Movies are ones that lies close to everyone. It became pulse of the society as if of dramas in Elizbathen age. Society and social are in connection. It is connected deeper which could be witnessed possitive as well as a negative factor. Malayalam film industry is one of the best film industries in India. It had a followed a traditional path for success. It creates views and generate public for viewing by generating topics of intrests.                                                                                    Though  experiments are not very common in this industries. Uniqueness and variabality is loved a lot by young generation. Change and thirst for uniqueness is witnessed. Some movies are special.

Amen & Angamaly Diaries of Pellissery

  Amen is a best movie thatused fruitfully the elements of magical realism technique used years ago in Latin America. Imaginary feel elements and calmness of village adds its success. It’s  a experimental movie of director Pellissery. Climax of the movie gives a great feel and elementry feel of thrilliness witnessed all over movie

        Angamaly Diaries of Pellissery  is also a different level movie based on realism. Realism is one story that could happen real. Tempt to feel like happenings of a life of a local.Movie released with a tag “Katta local” . Music,enjoyment, pleasure and mind of some local youths .Really a advanced feel portrayed by director. Changing trend seems to be good &excellent. 

Dileesh Pothan’s Maheshinte Pradhikaram & Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

 These are the best movies both realistic and enjoy in a mood and timely leasure with family. Potraying local protagonists  & story has more chances deliever a new feel. A feel that movie and life is really one. Comic, next door feel all led this in a success mantra.

       Variety is rule of Nature. Changes is essential & mind to think differently is essential. Think the question, Why do you watch a movie ? My answer is feels. Let there be good movies & good viewers


Friends are greatest gifts of us. They stay with us, support us and be our part as a whole. There is no need of a mirror in front of a good friend (malayalam quote translated). Friendship is like a wine, enjoy more when goes in deep. Never miss or create hatred among friends. One pettal flower never creates beauty it is many united to form beauty. Love a friend in same way as he/she loves you. Be like good bro & sis. All is that be a union. Let our unity speaks loud not just our limited word stuffs.What’s App & Facebook support friendship.Words are meager can’t be close. Just it’s hi & bye. Call them sometimes when you get time, so that strong base is created . In my life I have got a lot  good friends that is the great achievement I have got. I stress the word be good bros & sis. Day begins with a light of sun. Our heart must be lighten by us to spread the light of friendship.

          ” Friends and books must be few but good”                                        -Bacon’s words.

             I don’t know whether I am a good friend or not but a lover of friendship.                                            

Trip to  Aruvikuzhy Waterfalls 

           It is one of the awesome place less visited. It is away from busy towns. Calm feelings of Nature is witnessed here. Once you  arrive here you will get attracted due to its beauty and calmness.    

Locaton: Pathanamthitta dst.                                                        Lies near to Thadiyoor  which is near to Ranni.

               The trip provided a lot experience for me. The silent nature talks with us. Music of waterfalls fills me with evoking joy. Lonely place. Enjoy nature and its beauty. Rainy Season is the best time to visit. Beware of rock climbing never to slip your leg. Exciting your trip will be,its my assurance. Me who live 7kms away from this area never understood it’s value. But now l know it. 

                        COME  &ENJOY